[Geany] VTE startup issues

spir denis.spir at xxxxx
Wed Dec 9 09:42:33 UTC 2009

Enrico Tröger <enrico.troeger at uvena.de> dixit:

> On Mon, 7 Dec 2009 19:29:12 +0100, spir wrote:
> Hi, 
> >> Also, every time I start Geany the VTE starts in the same directory.
> >> If I edit files in other directories and shut down Geany, when I
> >> restart it the VTE is still in the same original directory. Is there
> >> a way I can change the directory that the VTE starts in?
> >
> >To add one point about the VTE: when working on an app with such a dir
> >structure: /app
> >/app/lib
> >/app/gen
> >then the VTE is unable to "follow" the dir changes, when switching
> >from one file in a subdir to a file in the other subdir. Actually, the
> >dir change works only in one direction, depending on which subdir was
> >first visited. Eg if I first edited a code file inside /lib, then
> >later changing from a file in /gen to a file in /lib will be followed
> >by the VTE, but the opposite won't work. It's not a big issue, just
> >need top type "cd .. ; cd gen", but it's systematic so a bit annoying
> >after a while. ("follow the path of the current file" is set, indeed)
> I can't reproduce this. Just to make sure I did try it correctly, I
> made a short screencast:
> http://www.uvena.de/tmp/geany_vte_follow.ogv
> At least in this test case it worked as expected. In case I did
> something wrong, could you provide a tarball with an example directory
> layout which fails for you?

We have exchanged about ths issue some months ago. When I talked about it, it seemed rather systematic but when I wanted to produce an example to send it to you I couldn't reproduce it.
This bug is crazy! This time I thought I had caught the situation in which it happens, bug again I cannot reproduce it anymore, while I had it everyday for ~ 5 days. (I was working in // on two similar apps in python and Lua.)
Tell you more when it comes back and I understand it better. Next time, I'll freeze and save the situation as soon as it comes.


la vita e estrany


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