[Geany] Geany + g95 > texteditor?

Arjan van Dijk Arjan.van.Dijk at xxxxx
Wed Aug 27 12:17:26 UTC 2008

> Have a look at: http://geany.uvena.de/manual/0.14/index.html#build-system

> I don't know Fortran myself, but Geany doesn't support smart
> compilation or debugging (apart from a plugin for GDB, which I guess
> doesn't support Fortran). Someone was working on a CMake plugin, but I
> think it hasn't been released yet.

I checked this and it all sounds very interesting.

1) When you/I use modules in fortran, then the order in which the source
files are passed to
the compiler does matter. This means that the classic way of writing a
is not so easy anymore. There are tools like "makemakefile" that can check
all dependencies in your sources and use this knowlegde to make a universal
Makefile for you for the generation of .o-files associated with any source
in that directory, but then Geany should do the talking to this tool for

2) To tweak an interface between Geany and gdb for debugging modern fortran
is beyond my expertise. Particularly if it is not (yet) clear if gdb and
g95 like one another. It is access to the debugger that I really miss in
(other) applications, so for me this is the ultimate bottleneck. If someone
who has
done it before (i.e. link Geany to g95) now stands up, I'll embrace him/her
Otherwise, I think I'll wait and see what will come up in the future...



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