[Geany] SVN custom tab width/soft tabs

Walery Studennikov despairr at xxxxx
Wed Aug 13 09:25:44 UTC 2008


> This is now implemented in SVN as a 'Tabs and Spaces' indent type
> preference and per-document setting, plus a Tab Width pref (the old
> pref is now called Indent Width). The main editing actions should
> work as expected in the new mode, but some of Geany's code insertion
> features (e.g. default file templates) might still use tabs. Feel free
> to file bugs/requests to improve things further (or post here).

How can I set "display-tab-width" to 8 spaces and "indent-width" to 4
spaces using
current editor preferences dialog?
I couldn't do that using latest SVN version of geany.

Still there is no distinguish between display tabs width and single
indent width.
At least I still can't set up the required configuration....

Walery Studennikov

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