[Geany] Slowing down the desktop

brahmann brahmann at xxxxx
Wed Jun 21 20:59:10 UTC 2006

Nexu wrote:
> Hello,
> As for desktop environment i'm using XFce4 with basic components (xfce
> setting manager, xfce session manager, xfdesktop, xfpanel, xfwm4 and no
> screensaver-deamon of any kind) which should be 'lightweight' enough
> compared to more 'complete' desktops such as Gnome/KDE.
> I would like to know or this is a known or issue _or_ that anyone else
> has experienced this.

Hi, my system Netbsd 2.1, fluxbox, redminer, thunderbird(always on, 
email client based on mozilla-core), galeon(sometimes firefox), 
psi(always on, jabber-client), aterm(4-10 - admining things...) etc.

  Geany, 4-6 days with 1-10 files open and working on it - all fine!

All this works on XFree86 4.6.0 (i don`t like xorg - suxx really).

  Geany really lightweight for me.


wbr, brahmann

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