[Geany] Slowing down the desktop

Nexu nexu.jin at xxxxx
Wed Jun 21 09:13:55 UTC 2006


I noticed this a coupled the last 3 days that, if i leave my Geany open
all night and come back. My desktop feels terribly slow and not very
responsive (lagged would be another discription).
As for desktop environment i'm using XFce4 with basic components (xfce
setting manager, xfce session manager, xfdesktop, xfpanel, xfwm4 and no
screensaver-deamon of any kind) which should be 'lightweight' enough
compared to more 'complete' desktops such as Gnome/KDE.

When i look at the system resource usage. I dont notice any significant
large amount of memory resource or cpu resource used by Geany. But yet
closing Geany makes the desktop feel responsive again as it should be.

I would like to know or this is a known or issue _or_ that anyone else
has experienced this.



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