[Geany] More on funky tab coloring problem

Josef Whiter josef at xxxxx
Fri Dec 29 17:23:35 UTC 2006


I've been looking into this weird tab coloring problem I've been having
with the latest SVN pull of geany.  Running it through valgrind and such I
was getting read errors on unintialized values in ui_tree_view_find_next,
so I started poking around in there to see what was going on.  After
adding a few printf's valgrind has stopped complaining, but I'm noticing
that the document style's colors change.  So if document_get_status()
returns a NULL color, we change the tabs to meet the style colors, like so

	gtk_widget_modify_fg(doc_list[idx].tab_label, GTK_STATE_NORMAL,
		color ? color : &(style->fg[GTK_STATE_NORMAL]));
	gtk_widget_modify_fg(doc_list[idx].tab_label, GTK_STATE_ACTIVE,
		color ? color : &(style->fg[GTK_STATE_ACTIVE]));

but for some reason, these colors change, I put some printfs in if color

printf("style fg is this %lu, %u %u %u\n",
printf("style fg is this %lu, %u %u %u\n",

and I get this

color is null
style fg is this 4, 25 0 32768
style fg is this 153896787, 0 0 0
color is null
style fg is this 4, 25 0 32768
style fg is this 153896787, 0 0 0

and this is random, I get all kinds of colors, purple, yellow, pink etc. 
I haven't figured out the exact steps to make this happen, it just happens
if I start editing and saving multiple files.  This happens with the 0.10
release as well btw.  Is anybody else seeing this kind of problem?


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