[Geany] New Release: Geany 0.6

Enrico Tröger enrico.troeger at xxxxx
Sun Apr 30 16:35:42 UTC 2006


Geany 0.6 has been released. 

Changes since Geany 0.5:

* added option to place new file tabs to the right or left of the tab
* improved file open dialog
* improved scrolling of the compiler output window
* rewrote most of the code for compiling files, now all settings are
read from filetype definition files
* now, you can drag files from a file manager into Geany and they will
be opened
* improved handling of filenames which contain non-UTF8 chars
* added user-definable comment characters to all filetype definition
* implemented folding
* added file properties dialog
* improved search and find dialogs
* Geany now creates a FIFO, to communicate between different instances
for opening files in an already running instance
* added filetypes SQL and (O)Caml
* many small improvements
* fixed lots of bugs, including #1419473, #1422135, #1421776 and
(for a complete list see the ChangeLog, also available on

All downloads can be found on 
http://www.uvena.de/files/ or

Some important notes:
Be sure to backup any modified files in $prefix/share/geany. All of the
filetype defintion files in this location will be overwritten since
they all have changed. I'm sorry about that and I promise with Geany
0.7 it will be better because than you can overwrite these settings
with files in your home directory.
i rewrote most of the code which is related to the build menu item. Now
you can define the compiler(also linker and view programs) path and
options in the filetype definition files
($prefix/share/geany/filetype.*) and you can even use wildcards. The
options are described in the files. I think with Geany 0.7 or 0.8 I
will write some documentation for that, but at the moment there is no

Please use Geany with care, if you have newer GTK libraries installed.
Since GTK 2.8.12 Geany seems to be very unstable and crashes very
often. This bug still exists in this release, so I recommend to
downgrade the GTk libraries or use Geany very carefully. Sorry, I try
to find the bug.

I want especially thank Nick Treleaven, who sent me many patches for
this release and Veit Wahlich who builds the Fedora Core 4 RPMs of

Another nice thing: Geany will be included in PuppyLinux 1.09 and it
can be installed from the FreeBSD ports, yeah. 

Happy Coding,

Get my GPG key from http://www.uvena.de/pub.key
Geany, a lightweight IDE using GTK2 - http://geany.uvena.de
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