[Geany] CVS checkout

Kurt Maier karmaflux at xxxxx
Sun Apr 30 05:56:57 UTC 2006

Just so you know, SourceForge automatically makes nightly tarballs of
all its projects.  I was able to get geany's source during the
downtime by downloading

The thing to remember is that gives you an actual CVS repository.  You
still have to do
tar -jxvf geany-cvsroot.tar.bz2
mv geany geanycvs
cvs -d /path/to/geanycvs co geany

You can then cd into geany/ and compile as usual.

Of course, this tarball is only updated nightly, so it'll be up to a
day behind, but you can actually use this trick to get any project's
CVS code without relying on the crappy anonymous CVS servers.


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