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Thomas Funk t.funk at xxxxx
Sun Dec 25 21:56:55 UTC 2005

Hi Frank,

no I am not using UTF-8, cause I have had some problems with this encoding. Therefore I am using ISO-8859-15 now.

Ok, but what can I do that the characters saved correctly in the documents? It's very unbeautiful for me, cause with this problem it's nearly impossible to use geany in my environment :( . But I want it! Geany is so pretty fast and it would be a good replacement for these heavy editors like kate or IDEs like kdevelop.

Best Regards,


linux at partysoke.de schrieb am 25.12.05 21:54:22:
> Hello! 
> Am Sonntag 25 Dezember 2005 14:04 schrieb Thomas Funk:
> > on my Debian system (Etch) geany creates instead of ä,ö,ü, etc strange
> > characters - e.g. for ä À Are there any problems with my locale settings?
> > On Kate or other editors all works fine :(
> I know this problem. Which encoding do you use? Geany got some problems, if 
> you use not UTF8 at your documents. 
> Frank
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