[Geany-i18n] [Geany-Devel] Reminder Geany 1.27 soon

Benno Schulenberg benno at xxxxx
Wed Feb 24 21:07:47 UTC 2016

Hallo Peter,

> I would like to update and improve the Dutch translation of Geany.

(Sorry, mail is stuck at the provider; I read yours in the archives.)

I don't have a github account -- I don't like their license.  :|

So attached is my first shot (four passes over the entire file),
tested with 1.26 on an up-to-date Manjaro.

I know: /lots/ of changes.  Many were needed, to get all things
consistently in the infinitive (not fully done yet).  Some hotkeys
that conflicted or were missing have been changed.  Some ellipses
that were missing were added.  And many wordings were changed.

So... let me know if you see anything wrong or that you don't
agree with.  I'll adapt it.



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