[Geany-i18n] Greek translation of Geany

Frank Lanitz frank at xxxxx
Mon Sep 28 16:02:15 UTC 2015

Hi Michael,

Sorry for the long delay. Even on vacation, real life is sometime
steeling time.

1st: Great to hear you like to improve Greek translation. I'm really
happy about.

Am 28.09.2015 um 10:27 schrieb Michael Misirlis:

> I would like to help translating Geany to Greek.
> The current translation here http://i18n.geany.org/el.po is 97.88 %
> complete. I would like to
> a. get this to 100% by translating the rest of the strings
> b. (if needed) review and verify the whole translation
> c. help maintain the Greek translation up-to-date
> How should I go around pushing/giving my translation strings?

In addition you might should grab most recent sources of Geany (for
testing purposes) or just download (as you already mentioned) the po
file from i18n.geany.org and/or i18n.geany.org/plugins
These are getting updated (new generated) on daily basis right direct
from geany git master.
Beside of this, your plan already looks very good -- please go ahead! ;)

Maybe you can get in touch with Stavros Temertzidis <bullgr at gmail.com>
as he did the latest updates on Greek translation.

> My translation credentials are
> * Greek as mother tongue, Proficient user (C2) of English
> * freelance, part-time translator/editor for video game and board game
> manuals for 15 years
> * long time user of Geany on Windows and GNU/Linux
> * have translated KiCad to Greek (http://kicad-pcb.org/)

this is a long list of experience. I'd be happy to hear if we could do
things better (beside the webinterface for easier access to translations


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