[Geany-i18n] ANN: String freeze for Geany 0.19

"Jože Klepec" joze.klepec at xxxxx
Thu Jun 3 10:34:25 UTC 2010

  Na 03. 06. 2010 10:35, Frank Lanitz je pisal:
> Hi,
> On Thu, 3 Jun 2010 04:18:00 +0200, José Manuel Castroagudín Silva
> <chavescesures at gmail.com>  wrote:
>> 2010/5/31 Frank Lanitz<frank at frank.uvena.de>:
>>> On Sun, 30 May 2010 19:27:06 +0200
>>> Enrico Tröger<enrico.troeger at uvena.de>  wrote:
>>>>> Yep, there are three strings marked as "fuzzy". This is (for
>> (...)
>>>> AFAIK the fuzzy strings are displayed as their English original in the
>>>> application. I.e. they are treated as untranslated.
>> Of course, you are right. I dont know what was I thinking about when
>> writting that.
>> Now, some news:
>> Good news: after some aptitude safe-upgrade, I was finally abble of
>> compiling geany (that's good!)
>> Bad news: remember those fuzzy strings? I can't find them anywhere on
>> geany... (that's bad!)
>> ...? news: I'm un-marking them as fuzzy anyway. (Frogurt!)
> OK. ;)
>> More good news: I'm "working against the clock", trying to translate
>> geany-plugins. Maybe I can finish it this week, maybe not. I'll send
>> the resulting work, be it completed or not, on the "geany-plugins"
>> freezing announce mail thread.
> Thanks for it + I'm looking forward to it.
>> Well, attached is the gl.po file (the only changes were "un-fuzzying"
>> those strings, and correcting another string: Ir Á Liña ->  Ir á liña)
> Thanks very much. Will apply it during the day today to svn.
>> Thank you all for your patience. Best regards!
> No problem ;)
> Cheers,
> Frank
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this is it. Work of this day, unreviewed for now. Congrats to Enrico & 
co. for sockets, but this really needs rewordng. See po.

Cheers, Jože
BTW, nvidia sucks. Not fedora nor debian nor slack. I run all.
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