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Mon Nov 2 00:59:28 UTC 2015

On 2 November 2015 at 01:51, Devyn Collier Johnson
<devyncjohnson at gmail.com> wrote:
> Geany Dev Team:
> Before submitting more commits and proposed code on GitHub, I think I should
> share some of my ideas. Thus, I can submit better code and avoid wasting
> Geany's GitHub-Team's time.

Its all much the same, but yeah ML is probably better for discussions
when it might result in multiple PRs or there is no issue to attach
the discussion to.

> (Sorry for the inconveniences). Also, I will be
> sure to use the "ci skip" flag for non-coded commits and pull-requests. In
> addition, I will provide more detailed commit and pull-request messages in
> future code contributions.


> I would like to add support for various file extensions. In
> ./data/filetype_extensions.conf, I would like to perform the below listed
> changes/additions.

(Comments below the line, one general one, a pointer to the
application docs that lists its extensions would be good so we know
its an official extension, or of course something that shows that a
specific extension is in common use if its not "official")

> - Add "*.dash" to "Sh="; Dash is a shell script similar to Ash

makes sense, I assume its similar enough to sh that lexer and parser work?

> - Add "*.svg" to "XML="; SVG is a popular vector graphics file using XML
> tags


> - Add "*.sqlite;*.sql3;" to "SQL="; I have seen such file-extensions

see above request for a pointer to some docs, "I have seen" isn't very
official :)

> - Add "*.py3;*.py2;*.pygtk;*.pyqt;" to "Python="; Python is my preferred and
> most used programming language, so I frequently see such file-extensions

Unless you have extended it, Python itself only supports ".py" (see
imp.get_suffixes()) so what uses these?

> - Add "*.mhtml" to "HTML="; such a file-extension is sometimes seen

As above where and for what?

> - Add "*.debdiff;*.dpatch;*.kpatch;" to "Diff="; I use Ubuntu (a
> Debian-based Linux distro), so I see such Diff extensions


PS on Geany you can assume most people know what the main Linux
distros are, so you need only use the names Ubuntu, Arch, Gentoo, Mint
etc  but do quote versions, eg Ubuntu 15.10.

> - Add "*.configure;*.prop;control;" to "Conf="; Some config files use such
> extensions, or the file itself is named "control"

references required, and lets hope no apps use the same filename in a
different format

> - Add a "README=" category and related file-name patterns; some readme files
> are highlighted by Geany when they should not contain highlighting

The categories are names of filetypes, when Geany is opening a file
this file tells Geany what filetype to use if it can't tell by other
magic, so, unless you have a README filetype to add, you should not
make a new category.  To stop READMEs being highlighted just remove
them so Geany will open then as filetype None if it can't find any

What filetype is Geany thinking READMEs are? Its probably that they
contain some magic it recognises, and thats gonna be harder to change
since its hard coded (mostly) and is checked *before* the extension.

Also lots of READMEs on github *are* various forms of markup.

> - Add "*.asm51;*.a51;*.asm;*.ll;*.s03;*.s79;*.s82;*.s90;*.s;*.S;" to "ASM=";
> True, the various "*.s*" extensions could easily be debated, but "*.a51" and
> "*.asm51" are a must (in my opinion); Assembly code for the 8051 processor
> is supported by Geany, but Geany does not recognize the file-extensions

Ok by me (though I'm sure .s has other uses) but see comment on the PR.

> - Ensure consistent code by making every line end with a semicolon; I do not
> know how you all feel about code-consistency, but it is important to me


> - Add "*.mml;*.mathml;*.cml;" to "XML="; mml and mathml are MathML
> file-extensions; cml = Chemical Markup Language


> What do you all think? Geany is my #1 preferred and favorite IDE. I want it
> to be the best IDE ever. Why not make Geany support more languages and
> file-extensions? Why not surpass other IDEs in quality, features, and
> language support?

Sure, just "somebody" has to do it, all "somebody"s welcome.

> How does the Geany team feel about adding file-extensions for languages that
> Scintilla does not yet support? For instance, I would like to add Manpages.
> True, it may seem odd to add such unsupported extensions and languages.
> However, I see it as being ready for when Scintilla gains support or
> providing a reason for Scintilla to add support.

There is at least one filetype that doesn't have a lexer (Asciidoc)
but it does have a symbol parser that shows the document outline, so
the filetype does something useful.  I'm not sure the point of adding
a filetype that does nothing, its easy to include it in the commit of
lexer or parser when they become available.

> I intend on being a long-term and regular team member (if that is okay with
> the team), so any tips are greatly appreciated. Please do not hesitate to
> inform me if I am not following the project's standards or guidelines. Also,
> please feel free to share your concerns, suggestions, comments, etc. I will
> not be offended (I promise).


> Once I learn more about the team's "culture", goals, project
> rules/standards, etc., then I will submit actual C/C++ code and improvements
> to the code.

Best way to learn is to do small things :)

> By the way, this mailing list uses "top-posting". Am I correct?

Erm, no, I don't think its defined anywhere, but the general
convention is not to top post.  Sometimes it varies when people are
replying in a hurry or from a phone (guilty).


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