[Geany-Devel] Blank completion popups on Windows

Enrico Tröger enrico.troeger at xxxxx
Thu Apr 16 22:11:31 UTC 2015

On 15/04/15 23:14, Colomban Wendling wrote:
> Le 15/04/2015 22:38, Colomban Wendling a écrit :
>> I just noticed this in the debug messages:
>>> GLib-GObject WARNING	: specified instance size for type `SmallScroller' is smaller than the parent type's `GtkScrolledWindow' instance size
>>> GLib CRITICAL	: g_once_init_leave: assertion `initialization_value != 0' failed
>>> GLib-GObject CRITICAL	: g_object_new: assertion `G_TYPE_IS_OBJECT (object_type)' failed
>>> Gtk CRITICAL	: gtk_container_set_border_width: assertion `GTK_IS_CONTAINER (container)' failed
>>> Gtk CRITICAL	: gtk_scrolled_window_set_policy: assertion `GTK_IS_SCROLLED_WINDOW (scrolled_window)' failed
>>> Gtk CRITICAL	: gtk_container_add: assertion `GTK_IS_WIDGET (widget)' failed
>>> Gtk CRITICAL	: gtk_widget_show: assertion `GTK_IS_WIDGET (widget)' failed
>>> Gtk CRITICAL	: gtk_container_add: assertion `GTK_IS_CONTAINER (container)' failed
>> […]
>>> typedef struct { GtkScrolledWindow parent; int dummy; } SmallScroller;
>>> typedef struct { GtkScrolledWindowClass parent; int dummy; } SmallScrollerClass;
>> I still have no clue what the heck is going on though…
> Hum, incidentally GtkScrolledWindow contains bitfields, would it be
> possible it is a -mms-bitfields-like problem?  We really seem to pass
> -mms-bitfields, but maybe gtkscrolledwindow.c wasn't build with it or
> something like that?

Wow, great process, Colomban.
Reading your previous mail the -mms-bitfields thingy instantly came also
to my mind.

I checked the nightly builds as well the builds on my Windows VM, both
had -mms-bitfields set, also for PlatGTK.cxx.
This opton is set by gtk+-2.0.pc (GTK pkgconfig file), so it's obvious
both builds have it set.

But maybe it's related to the compiler version. The cross-compiled
nightlies are a bit special in terms of cross-compiling and that they
use a quite old mingw-gcc 3.4 while the mingw-gcc on my Windows VM is a
more recent 4.8.
I found http://gcc.gnu.org/gcc-4.7/changes.html where a short note says:
Windows mingw targets are using the -mms-bitfields option by default.

I would say this is probably not relevant because we compile our code
with -mms-bitfields in all cases because GTK pulls it in.
But IANAC (I am not a compiler :D).

Does anyone here has by accident a Windows system with a mingw-gcc < 4.7?

I'll try to further debug this on the weekend if I find time.


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