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Colomban Wendling lists.ban at xxxxx
Thu Apr 16 20:36:03 UTC 2015

Le 16/04/2015 19:15, Dimitar Zhekov a écrit :
> On 16.4.2015 г. 14:41, Colomban Wendling wrote:
>> Le 15/04/2015 19:15, Dimitar Zhekov a écrit :
>>> That's exactly what I'm talking about. The white horizontal line, which
>>> normally gives nice outline [vertical_tabs], but is almost lost [...]
>>> the white editor background, combined with the identical unchangeable
>>> background for the tabs. Not completely indistinguishable, but much
>>> worse than 2.22, and hard on many tabs.
>> FWIW I get the real Windows GTK theme straight out of the GTK2 bundle (
>> no modification, no nothing, for some reason I didn't even have to set
>> it), and it has a clear separation of the current tab (and feels more
>> native/less ugly).
> Huh... What version of gtk+ is this?

It's 2.24.10 from the official bundle, and it uses the "native" engine.
 Normally you activate it by setting

	gtk-theme-name = "MS-Windows"

in etc/gtk-2.0/gtkrc, as stated in the bundle's readme.  But for some
reason I didn't even had to do that on Windows 7.

> I was unable to set the tabs
> background to anything different than the default gray using .gtkrc-2.0,
> but maybe it takes the background color(s) from some element(s) of the
> Windows theme, or the rendering is different depending on the Windows
> version.

I can't seem to really change the colors when using the "MS-Windows"
theme, but I guess it's kinda expected some things aren't really
overridable with a "native" theme that uses the Windows theming API or

However, using "Raleigh" (the one you seem to use given the look) it's
relatively easy (well, not to guess what to change, but to change it).
Here's an example changing the *inactive* tabs (because changing the
active's background also changes the border around the tab's content and
I didn't like it):

	style "notebook" {
		bg[ACTIVE] = "#888888888888"
	style "notebook-label" {
		fg[ACTIVE] = "#eeeeeeeeeeee"
	widget "*.GtkNotebook" style "notebook"
	widget "*.GtkNotebook.*GtkLabel" style "notebook-label"

(not very well tested, might override too much)

Attached screenshot shows the (ugly) result.

>> Wouldn't this address your issue? (even better than avoiding using GTK
>> 2.24 altogether) Or do you have another problem with the integrated
>> theme?
> The problem is, it doesn't look much different than the Enrico's
> example, no matter the theme, though I have not tested extensively under
> 7even.

Hum, to my eyes on my capture it looks quite different…  and attached is
the same on XP, still using the "MS-Windows" theme.

> Well, if XP is the problem, I wonder how it'll look under 10? I
> plan it as my next Windows version.

XP is not the problem, it works just the same.  Of course the
"MS-Windows" theme looks different as it tried to feel native and the
Windows themes are different, but that's all.

> […]
> Or should I get the heavy guns and write a plugin that displays line(s)
> of styled buttons that behave as tabs? The default tabs can be hidden in
> the interface preferences.

If you like it, sure, but it sounds a bit heavy for something that
should be solvable with a theme :)

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