[Geany-Devel] Infobar file deleted/renamed behaviour

Matthew Brush mbrush at xxxxx
Thu Oct 23 02:11:27 UTC 2014

On 14-10-22 06:53 PM, Lex Trotman wrote:
> On 23 October 2014 11:53, Matthew Brush <mbrush at codebrainz.ca> wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> Since there's some discussion about infobar behaviour, I thought I'd mention
>> a couple things I've noticed using it in my day-to-day workflow.
>> When you delete a file from disk, and then assuming the infobar kicked in
>> (see below), it pops up the infobar as expected. The problem is that there's
>> no quick way to say "Ya, ya, I deleted that on purpose, just close the
>> file". IMO, there should be a "Close" button on the infobar that allows you
>> to bypass the redundant dialog that pops up when trying to close a document
>> that you've been notified about, for example:
>> -----------------------------------------------------------------
>> File "foo.txt" was not found on disk    [Resave][Dismiss][Close]
>> <Some different message here>
>> -----------------------------------------------------------------
>> Clicking the proposed [Close] button would have the same effect as what
>> currently requires two steps; clicking the tab close button or Close menu
>> item and then clicking the "Don't Save" button in the dialog that pops up.
>> Does that sound reasonable?
> Yes, would just ask for some space between dismiss and close for those
> with bad aim (like me :)
> BTW which is default (if any)?
>> The other thing I wondered is, should we not do a "disk check" on a file
>> that hasn't been switched to when it's being closed? I mean we do the check
>> and show the infobar on tab-switch (due to lacking proper/usable inotify
>> support), but if the user doesn't actually switch to the tab, then we just
>> close the file without any warning that the buffer in that document has no
>> disk file anymore and closing it will lose those contents forever.
> Sounds like a sensible safe default behaviour, but with a various pref
> to turn it off for those whose workflow makes it *really* annoying.

And/or a way to dismiss many together for bulk operations like "Close 
All" and "Close Others" (and obviously when exiting). Sometimes you see 
those dialogs like:

     |-----  Unsaved Changes!  -----------------X-|
     | The following files are not saved:         |
     | ========================================== |
     |   [ ] Resignation_Letter.txt               |
     |   [ ] Wedding_Vows_WIP.md                  |
     |   [ ] Baby_Pictures.xpm                    |
     |   [ ] ...                                  |
     | ========================================== |
     | Do you want to save them?                  |
     | ------------------------------------------ |
     | [ No, Just Exit] [ Yes Please ] [ Cancel ] |

We could do something like that.

Matthew Brush

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