[Geany-Devel] Infobar file deleted/renamed behaviour

Matthew Brush mbrush at xxxxx
Thu Oct 23 00:53:23 UTC 2014

Hi All,

Since there's some discussion about infobar behaviour, I thought I'd 
mention a couple things I've noticed using it in my day-to-day workflow.

When you delete a file from disk, and then assuming the infobar kicked 
in (see below), it pops up the infobar as expected. The problem is that 
there's no quick way to say "Ya, ya, I deleted that on purpose, just 
close the file". IMO, there should be a "Close" button on the infobar 
that allows you to bypass the redundant dialog that pops up when trying 
to close a document that you've been notified about, for example:

File "foo.txt" was not found on disk    [Resave][Dismiss][Close]
<Some different message here>

Clicking the proposed [Close] button would have the same effect as what 
currently requires two steps; clicking the tab close button or Close 
menu item and then clicking the "Don't Save" button in the dialog that 
pops up.

Does that sound reasonable?

The other thing I wondered is, should we not do a "disk check" on a file 
that hasn't been switched to when it's being closed? I mean we do the 
check and show the infobar on tab-switch (due to lacking proper/usable 
inotify support), but if the user doesn't actually switch to the tab, 
then we just close the file without any warning that the buffer in that 
document has no disk file anymore and closing it will lose those 
contents forever.


Matthew Brush

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