[Geany-Devel] RFC: Proxy plugins

Colomban Wendling lists.ban at xxxxx
Wed May 21 13:42:12 UTC 2014

Le 19/05/2014 07:10, Lex Trotman a écrit :
> [...]
> Just to be clear, libpeas only automates the bridge to the *loader*
> and the plugins, it does nothing for the interface between the
> Geany/Scintilla functions and the plugins (and neither does Thomas'
> proposal).
> That binding is independent of the loader and should be the same
> effort either way so long as the libpeas loaded plugins can get the
> plugindata pointer somehow.  Then for C/C++/Vala its already done for
> both options, and mostly done for Python2 by reusing geanypy's
> bindings.
> Automated bindings to Geany/Scintilla would be a huge step forward to
> supporting other languages, but it is a separate problem from the
> loader.

I think that's two key points that should be clearly understood by all
parts in the discussion: no matter how we load, we need a binding.

An automated binding (e.g. GI) would benefit any loading approaches, and
probably is the only sensible way to go, especially for more that one
non-C language.

Apart that, I basically +1 everything Lex said, and don't have much to add.


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