[Geany-Devel] Broken download link for c++'s tags

Frodox Frodox at xxxxx
Thu May 1 00:17:21 UTC 2014

There is a broken link on [tags-page] page:

-> Download all C++ tag files. It leads to [tags-cpp-dl]
but the script says "Unknown language 'cpp' specified, please use one of:.., c++, ..."

If you try to load http://wiki.geany.org/get_tags?language=c++
the answer will be unexpected ( Unknown language 'c ' specified ), because
"plus sign" in URI has special meaning.

-> Also, there is a big list of "known languages", like
cmake, po, pascal, lisp and so on, on [tags-cpp-dl] page, 
which are not mention on [tags-page], but tags which can be successfully downloaded 
(except c# language, due to special meaning of '#'). 
Is it a bug or a feature... or a Easter egg? :)


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