[Geany-Devel] Hello!

Matthew Brush mbrush at xxxxx
Wed Mar 19 21:35:42 UTC 2014

On 14-03-19 10:51 AM, Federico Reghenzani wrote:
> Thank you!
> I decided to start writing some code for geany-plugins (first I think
> codenav plugin), but I have two question:
> 1) a problem, I try to "./autogen.sh" for geany-plugins and:
> configure: error: Package requirements (geany >= 1.24) were not met:
>> Requested 'geany >= 1.24' but version of Geany is 1.23.1
> but:
>> $ geany --version
>> geany 1.24 (git >= 854993e) (built on 2014-03-11 with GTK 2.24.22, GLib
>> 2.38.2)

You might have Geany installed into some other prefix, you can check by 
running `which geany` and removing the last part, for example to assign 
it to a variable:

$ PREFIX=`which geany | sed 's|/bin/geany||'`

Then do like this:

$ cd geany-plugins
$ ./configure --prefix=$PREFIX --with-geany-libdir=$PREFIX/lib
$ make install

If you haven't run `autogen.sh` yet, you can pass those same options to 
`autogen.sh` instead of `configure` the first time (and then use just 
`configure` with those options after). I don't know what the reason of 
`--with-geany-libdir` but it seems to help the build system to find the 
lib directory even though it's just `$PREFIX/lib`.

> 2) I'm new on github, what is the correct method to send my code? Create a
> fork repository and issue a pull request?

It's the best way, yep.

Matthew Brush

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