[Geany-Devel] GeanyLiveDiff on github

v01d phreakuencies at xxxxx
Tue Oct 15 18:01:03 UTC 2013

I've pushed my code on github so others can use it and try it out. I'm
using it constantly and it feels really stable.

The plugin shows changed/modifed/added colored markers on the margin of
geany's editor windows. It currently works against the last saved version
on disk of a regular file and also against files versioned in a git
repository (using libgit). When a document is a regular file, the "old
version" reference is reset whenever the file is reloaded (either manually
or by geany). In the case of git versioned files, the diff is performed
between the editor contents and the last revision of this file on the
current branch. If the head reference changes (either by commiting or
changing a branch), the plugin recognizes this and updates the markers
accordingly (it uses a timer for this).

The markers themselves are not pretty so if anyone wants to improve that it
would be great.

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