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Steven Blatnick steve8track at xxxxx
Thu May 30 22:03:42 UTC 2013

I'm not sure if the lists are back up yet, but here it goes...


Since you said suggestions are welcome, then here are some other things 
I think would be awesome:

 1. The "Track path" button should be a toggle button, so we can
    enable/disable it.  Currently it only enables the tracking. Perhaps
    a better icon could be used?
 2. I think there should also be a toggle button for show hidden
 3. Perhaps another checkbox in the context menu for showing/hiding
    binary files?  (gedit does this in their tree/file browser)
 4. The "X" button on the toolbar should be removed.  The only thing it
    does it hide the toolbar.  I think that's better in the context menu
    as it is, and adding it to the toolbar is unnecessary clutter in my
 5. The horizontal rule between bookmarks and the other directories
    doesn't go all the way across.
 6. Maybe we could make the filter box at the very bottom instead, just
    so it's visually separated from the uri.
 7. The settings should allow a different terminal to be chosen (kinda
    like the file browser option) for "Open Terminal".  Right now it
    opens xterm or possibly based on the terminal in the ENV.
 8. I think copying any file/directory via Ctrl+C, context menu, or
    whatever, should copy the path of the selected entry/entries (like
    nautilus/cuja does when pasting into an editor).
 9. Creating a folder and other actions cause the file tree to repeat
    (as mentioned in a previous email).
10. Selecting multiple entries in the treeview may provide added features.
11. I'd like a better way to search in files than the dialog that opens
    in geany currently, one that keeps settings instead of trying to
    guess the directory you want to search from.  I mention this here
    because I think the current directory could be based on the
    treebrowser plugin, so it would need to be part of a plugin
    dependent on it.

    gedit has a plugin called "Find in Files" that uses ack (much faster
    than grep, by the way) to search files based on the directory you
    are currently browsing in the tree browser.  The results are concise
    and in the side-bar instead of the bottom bar, and the search field
    stays populated with what you put instead of a dialog that goes
    away.  It's another tab in the side bar.  Personally I really like
    the way that plugin works for searching files better than any other
    file searching in an IDE/editor I've seen so far, but it's still
    relatively simple. Focus remains on the treeview, even after opening
    files, so you can just use the arrow keys to navigate through the
    results.  It browses to the file and the matched line just by
    highlighting the entry in the treeview.  It always searches using
    regular expressions and ignores hidden directories and other
    optimizations of ack (or ack-grep).  Here is a screenshot:

    Something that behaves like that plugin is for gedit would be
    perfect (hope you guys don't mind my still referring to another
    editor ;-).  I'm considering creating this feature/plugin myself,
    but I wanted to mention it here, especially if we intend on
    improving the current find-in-files functionality.  For example,
    every time I open the find-in-files dialog, which is verbose to
    configure, and it resets the directory I'm searching by every time. 
    I'd like a more embedded search because would use this A LOT.

    (http://beyondgrep.com/ - ack's website)

    The existing find-in-files functionality can be configured to ack,
    but if I remember correctly there were some compatibility issues
    with the output not being as nice for the grep implementation.

Of course all of these are only suggestions based solely on my opinion.  
Anyone else have thoughts or disagree with any of these?

Thanks :-)


On 05/21/2013 04:32 PM, Thrawn wrote:
> Is it possible to add more file operations to the context menu, eg 
> cut, copy, paste, properties?
> --- On *Sun, 19/5/13, Steven Blatnick /<steve8track at yahoo.com>/* wrote:
>     From: Steven Blatnick <steve8track at yahoo.com>
>     Subject: Re: [Geany-Devel] treebrowser plugin
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>     "adam at yorba.org" <adam at yorba.org>
>     Received: Sunday, 19 May, 2013, 9:24 PM
>     Getting it polished would be awesome :-) I've noticed if you try
>     to create a new folder it displays a duplicate of the tree model.
>     Also, I think hitting delete should allow file deletion (with a
>     warning dialog).
>     Thanks for adopting treebrowser :-)
>     Steve
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>     *From: * Adam Dingle <adam at yorba.org>;
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>     *Subject: * [Geany-Devel] treebrowser plugin
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>     I see that the treebrowser plugin has been orphaned.  I'd like to
>     take over as an active maintainer, since I'd like to see this
>     plugin survive.  I've just sent a pull request to add me to the
>     MAINTAINERS file.
>     The treebrowser is for those of us who want a richer set of file
>     manager operations than is provided by Geany's built-in file
>     browser plugin.  That means creating, deleting, renaming files and
>     so on.  The treebrowser seems a bit buggy and unstable at the
>     moment, so my most immediate goal is to return it to stability.
>      I'd also like to shorten the context menu and make the
>     treebrowser more polished and usable in general.  Finally it would
>     be nice to support fancier operations such as drag and drop
>     someday, time permitting.  :)
>     Comments and suggestions are welcome.  Thanks!
>     adam
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