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Adam Dingle adam at xxxxx
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That's a reasonable idea. I've added a feature request at



On Tue, May 21, 2013 at 6:32 PM, Thrawn 
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> Is it possible to add more file operations to the context menu, eg 
> cut, copy, paste, properties?
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>> Getting it polished would be awesome :-) I've noticed if you try to 
>> create a new folder it displays a duplicate of the tree model.
>> Also, I think hitting delete should allow file deletion (with a 
>> warning dialog).
>> Thanks for adopting treebrowser :-)
>> Steve
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>> Subject: [Geany-Devel] treebrowser plugin 
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>> I see that the treebrowser plugin has been orphaned.  I'd like to 
>> take over as an active maintainer, since I'd like to see this plugin 
>> survive.  I've just sent a pull request to add me to the MAINTAINERS 
>> file.
>> The treebrowser is for those of us who want a richer set of file 
>> manager operations than is provided by Geany's built-in file browser 
>> plugin.  That means creating, deleting, renaming files and so on.  
>> The treebrowser seems a bit buggy and unstable at the moment, so my 
>> most immediate goal is to return it to stability.  I'd also like to 
>> shorten the context menu and make the treebrowser more polished and 
>> usable in general.  Finally it would be nice to support fancier 
>> operations such as drag and drop someday, time permitting.  :)
>> Comments and suggestions are welcome.  Thanks!
>> adam
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