[Geany-Devel] Idea: use function keys as modifiers?

Thrawn shell_layer-geany at xxxxx
Wed May 29 23:10:21 UTC 2013

OK, mixed results!

I was able to use xmodmap to make F2 generate Meta or Hyper keys. However, when I used Meta in Geany, it was interpreted as Alt, and Hyper was interpreted as Alt + Super.

On the bright side of things, seeing that made me realise that I can modify the Super key with Ctrl, Shift, Alt, or a combination of them. It's something, at least. By my calculations, even if we ignore using Super by itself (which is error-prone), there are still 13 possible combinations of Ctrl, Shift, Alt, and Super, each of which can be used with the full keyboard. I'll see how I go.

Thanks for the feedback!

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> > Is it possible to enable the use of the function keys,
> F1-F12, as modifier keys?
> It can be done under X11 with a custom key map, but Fx will
> become a
> modifier for all programs...
> > I love Geany's custom keybindings, but I'm running out
> of intuitive options, especially with multiple plugins and
> multiple custom Lua scripts. Using the function keys as
> extra modifiers would help a lot.
> Have you used all <windows> key combinations? They are
> be available as
> <Super>+x under most WM-s...
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> E-gards: Jimmy

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