[Geany-Devel] Focus lost when last document closed

Lex Trotman elextr at xxxxx
Wed May 29 01:59:36 UTC 2013


> /* It's not about just me, I really believe it makes Geany a bit
> better. I presented use cases where it has advantages, no known
> drawbacks, code complexity is very low, using of this feature is
> optional in plugins, no fully working workaround.
> Don't get me wrong, but I don't understand this resistance: it changes
> a behaviour that nobody cared about. I do not want to break or change
> your workflow. If it helps only 1% of Geany users -as Colomban wrote-,
> why not..? */

Ok, to spell it out:

1) when the last tab is closed the only sensible widget to have focus is a
general one to open files.  Not much of Geany works without a file open,
its an editor :)

2) the message window widget does not fit this description, it can only
open files that happen to be written there, its is not a general open

3) in fact, even though there are lots of open methods, none of them are
available for focus, for example because they are in dialogs (open
file/project) or menus (files MRU or projects MRU).

4) as you say, the only one that might make sense is the filebrowser plugin
tab in the sidebar, if the filebrowser is in use.

So the proposal is to add something which also needs to bump the plugin
API, just to allow a plugin (albeit a core plugin) to do something for
0.001% of users to save one click.

Agree its not much code, but to misuse Colombans phrase, "not much code for

And it adds another global; value that will have to be disentangled before
anyone can look at Geany having multiple windows and other re-entrant


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