[Geany-Devel] treebrowser plugin

Adam Dingle adam at xxxxx
Sun May 19 11:15:47 UTC 2013

I see that the treebrowser plugin has been orphaned.  I'd like to take 
over as an active maintainer, since I'd like to see this plugin 
survive.  I've just sent a pull request to add me to the MAINTAINERS 

The treebrowser is for those of us who want a richer set of file 
manager operations than is provided by Geany's built-in file browser 
plugin.  That means creating, deleting, renaming files and so on.  The 
treebrowser seems a bit buggy and unstable at the moment, so my most 
immediate goal is to return it to stability.  I'd also like to shorten 
the context menu and make the treebrowser more polished and usable in 
general.  Finally it would be nice to support fancier operations such 
as drag and drop someday, time permitting.  :)

Comments and suggestions are welcome.  Thanks!

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