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Antoine Villeret antoine.villeret at xxxxx
Thu Jun 20 13:44:46 UTC 2013

Hi again,

I'm using Arduino a lot and I can't bear Arduino IDE anymore...
So I'm looking for a way to write Arduino code in my favorite IDE, aka

When searching through archive for Arduino keyword I only found this post :
not so old but nothing else

And I found nothing related to Arduino in the geany and geany-plugins git

But the feature request 597 ask for adding *.ino in the C++ extension and
it is still open (well it's very easy to do).

When googling for Geany and Arduino, I've found a French blog explaining
howto write, build and upload Arduino with Geany

Based on this, I made a filetypes.Arduino.conf that defines keyword to
highlight Arduino functions like analogRead(), it also defines building
commands based on the command line tool ino.
and update my filetype_extensions.conf to add an Arduino file type with
extension *.ino and *.pde

This is not so much work, but it's already a lot better than Arduino IDE...
There are several drawbacks :
- it depends on the third party command line tool ino and this
tool requires a special folder structure (to found the libs and so on...)
- it doesn't support autocompletion for now
- third party Arduino library keywords are not highlighted

So this could be improve a lot but I think this is a good start and want to
share it with people.
What's the best ?
I'm not familiar enough with plugin to know if it's better for that purpose
or if a simple configuration file will be enough.

My configuration files are attached.

Feedbacks and help are welcome :-)

do it yourself
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