[Geany-devel] Some obsolete(?) bug reports

Enrico Tröger enrico.troeger at xxxxx
Sun Feb 19 15:46:46 UTC 2012


Eugene, thanks for the efforts on this front!

>> I just taught the file mangler to run geany -c so it never interrupts
>> what a normal Geany is doing :)
> I don't think that's something everybody should need to do.
>>> Yeah, I don't usually do that either. I almost always have an instance of
>>> Geany running on my 2nd monitor and if not, I'm usually not surprised by the
>>> behaviour since I do use projects mostly unless I'm just quickly editing a
>>> file or two.
>>>> Why not have a vote and finally implement or wontfix it? I volunteer to
>>>> write the preference, as a graphical or vaiouus preference, if we decide
>>>> "aye".
>> Since there is no "always right" answer as to how Geany should react
>> I'd say "wont change" since we have well known documented behaviour
>> already.
> I personally do think what we do is definitely the Wrong Thing.
> Honestly, I always have found this behavior very counter-intuitive and
> not helpful.  I mean, if I tell Geany to restore my session, I expect it
> to be restored whenever I start Geany, not only in some cases.
> OK, for me it's not a real problem since I always have one or more Geany
> instance open, but remembering the early times I did unexpectedly lost
> some session data because of this behavior.
> To summarize, I think that the current behavior will most likely NOT be
> the expected one and will disturb most users.  See, even us do
> workaround that in some ways, either using -c or having an instance
> always open.
> So I'd say "aye" to Dimitar since he gently volunteered :)  Moreover if
> it is a preference I don't see any loss; but I'd better see this
> preference turned on by default for new configurations if the restore
> session one is on.

FWIW, I'd agree as well.
I think in the past, I denied this but it caused me also a few times
losing my session and indeed many people prefer to keep the session when
opening files from the CLI (or file manager or whatever).

So, my vote is 'yes' as well.


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