[Geany-devel] Some obsolete(?) bug reports

Matthew Brush mbrush at xxxxx
Tue Feb 14 01:14:19 UTC 2012

On 02/11/2012 11:18 PM, Eugene Arshinov wrote:
> Hello.
> Sorry for bothering you so much.  When I looked for existing bug
> reports related to changing document's filetype to "None", I found a
> couple of reports that seems obsolete.  Maybe some of the developers
> could spend some time to review them and mark them as CLOSED or
> whatever is applicable.
> 1. Incorrect indentation guides - ID: 2637071 [1]
> I opened the attached document and did not see any issues with
> indentation guides.  I could miss something because I rarely use the
> guies, but...  Maybe it was already fixed in Scintilla?
> Enrico replied to this report in 2009.

I think this bug is still present if I understand it correctly. The 
attached file causes indentation guides to be shown on the blank line 
that has no indentation at all.

> 2. Command line option to bring Geany to front - ID: 2276179 [2]
> Seems that some actions were performed to fix the bug, but the report's
> author didn't have time to check it.  Maybe, as a long time has
> passed since 2009, the bug report can be closed?  BTW, what is
> described in the report, works fine for me (Geany is brought to front).
> Enrico replied to this report in 2009, too.

Just closed this one.

> 3. "geany xyz.txt" does not load files from session - ID: 2838686 [3]
> Here it wasn't decided whether of not Geany should restore session.  I
> suggest we discuss this question and finally either fix the bug or mark
> it as WONTFIX.
> A long time ago I added to the Preferences dialog a checkbox that
> controlled the behaviour.  This was done in the sm branch.  If it's
> decided that a graphical preference is needed, I can extract code from
> there and make a pull request.
> However, currently I think that a hidden pref for that is better.
> Your opinions?

I don't often use Geany for opening files from the command line and 
usually I always have a Geany window open so if I do, it's not an issue, 
so I can't really provide a worthwhile opinion here.

Thanks for tracking down those lingering bug reports!

Matthew Brush

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