[Geany-Devel] Document Message/File Monitoring Behaviour (was Re: Bug: Conflicting Keyboard shortcut in "reload file" dialog - ID: 3587465)

Lex Trotman elextr at gmail.com
Mon Dec 3 21:21:17 UTC 2012

>> Agreed.  I'm not sure it's useful, at least as-is.  If we have "close
>> all others", why not "reload all others"?  And I'm really not sure it
>> makes sense to suppose that one wants to perform the same action on all
>> files matching the "externally modified" criteria.
> Exactly, usually I want to reload some and close the others.

And since it can apply to files for which the tabs are offscreen so
you don't know they are affected I could even be persuaded that these
global operations could be classified as dangerous, but on the other
hand there have been a number or requests for that functionality, but
maybe those requests would not apply when the notification is not

>>> I don't think we need a Close button. Closing the document can be done
>>> in the normal way. Or were you planning on disabling normal closing?
>>> That would complicate the UI code.
>> IIUC, the idea was that closing the document "the normal way" would ask
>> again if the user didn't make a choice yet.  And although it might
>> indeed look duplicate, I think it's important to make it a clearly
>> visible option as an answer to the question.  It being a button or
>> something else I don't have an opinion yet.

Lets make them all buttons, links are too easy to overlook.

> OK. Presumably 'normal' save or reload would also ask the user for
> confirmation. Are there any other use cases like these, maybe from plugins?
> BTW should we make a release before these changes? Especially if coupled
> with the file-monitor instead of disk poll change, I think this will need
> time to stabilize. Perhaps we should delay this to 1.24?

Agree, this branch still has some changes before merge, so there is
time for a release, just lets not let the branch rot for another year

>> Agreed.  Or simply have only "save" (or similar) that triggers a
>> pre-filled save as dialog, so one could just hit "save" in it to save
>> under the same name.  This would (IMO) fill both use-cases of save and
>> save as, and having to agree on the file name on such a case doesn't
>> look like a big issue to me.
> +1

Agree on one save triggering a pre-filled dialog, calling the button
save or save-as I'm unsure, it is save-as functionality after all.

>> Also, as I discussed a bit on IRC (without much success though :D), I'm
>> not completely sure if the "dismiss" button (we agreed this probably
>> wasn't the best name for it BTW) is useful: I personally don't really
>> see why somebody would like to hide the warning while not making a
>> decision on what to do with the file.
>> Though, that's no big deal.
> Agree, we probably shouldn't allow 'Dismiss'.

I guess call it "Cancel" as it currently is then.


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