[Geany-Devel] Document Message/File Monitoring Behaviour (was Re: Bug: Conflicting Keyboard shortcut in "reload file" dialog - ID: 3587465)

Lex Trotman elextr at gmail.com
Sat Dec 1 04:02:41 UTC 2012

> The reason I was asking in the first place is because I want to eventually
> get the document-messages branch into master but I want to make sure it

I agree that the infobar is a better way of indicating the file
changed and other conditions that the user needs to know, but doesn't
need to handle immediately.

> doesn't break this workflow (and hopefully improves it). IMO, this
> dependency between change detection and modal warnings on tab page change
> could be replaced/enhanced by specific actions accessible in the GUI and
> with keybindings like "Close All Files Changed on Disk Without Prompting"
> and "Save All Files not Externally Modified Without Prompting" (of course my
> names suck). This would allow using "real-time" file monitoring and
> passively warn the user right away using the document-messages infobar as
> well as a different tab label color and maybe even a warning icon next to
> the label in the tab.
> Comments and suggestions are welcome, especially how to to lay out the
> interface for the infobar, the wording of the message, which actions/buttons
> it should have, and any other useful (inter)actions I might be missing, etc.

As I said on IRC, the current document-messages branch sets the buffer
changed status if it detects the file changed.  This occurs
asynchronously in the background and this means that if I hit save-all
I will save the buffer over the changed file with no warning.  The
current behaviour where the buffer is not marked changed is safer.

As we also discussed, a way of indicating that there are notifications
pending on tabs would be very useful, for example a bright orange !
icon added to the tab like gedit does.  And maybe a "master caution"
for when some of the tabs are off the screen.

Finally as also discussed, the file-changed notification bar needs a
close button to maintain the current workflow.

Personally I don't think the global commands are going to be very
useful, there is always one file where I want to do something
different from the global (guaranteed by Murphy :), and finding that
out after you have saved over or closed it is too late.  Being forced
to step through means you at least give a nano-thought for each one.


> Cheers,
> Matthew Brush
> [1] As opposed to the GIO file monitoring code that is currently #ifdef'd
> out but works pretty good with document-messages branch
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