[Geany-devel] New Feature(plugin OR geany self)

Jacques du Rand jacquesdr at xxxxx
Thu Sep 29 08:40:00 UTC 2011

Lol I see CTRL+TAB does rather work nicely as well :D

On Thu, Sep 29, 2011 at 10:39 AM, Jacques du Rand <jacquesdr at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi All
> Yes was hoping someone would find value in such a feature ! :)
> As I understand the 'document-activate' signal get send whenever  a
> document is activated via the open-document list OR when a user click
> on a tab ?
> Since we will  "draw" the icons in  the treeview widget ? From the
> treeview model Maybe we could store the activated-count in the
> tree-model as well ?
> OR ?? Since its a "property" of a Document (How many times was I
> activated )  I could use that to determine the icon ?
> I'm still unsure of what to do next :) ?
> Could a first step be a  "patch" that implement the feature in the
> above way ? And submit it for comments ?
>>>As to the Jiri's project plugin:
> I will take a look thanks  :)   But want to do it strictly not on a
> project-basis
> Regards
> Jacques
> On Thu, Sep 29, 2011 at 10:26 AM, Thomas Martitz
> <thomas.martitz at student.htw-berlin.de> wrote:
>> Am 29.09.2011 10:21, schrieb Lex Trotman:
>>> Yes but after opening you can activate documents with the tabs without
>>> reordering the MRU list.  The MRU list only re-orders when you use it
>>> to activate documents. Of course maybe the MRU list should re-order on
>>> any method of activation, including go to error tabs etc, thats open
>>> for discussion.
>> I don't think I experienced that, but I almost exclusively use ctrl+tab to
>> switch files. So if that's the case it's a bug and should be fixed.
>> FWIW, it appears this is a rather unknown feature, even though it's really
>> awesome. Can discoverability of such features possibly be improved?
>> Best regards.
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