[Geany-devel] editing big files can be too slow with tag reparsing

Colomban Wendling lists.ban at xxxxx
Mon Sep 26 21:38:55 UTC 2011

Le 24/09/2011 13:32, Lex Trotman a écrit :
> [...]
>>> How about automagically disabling auto-reparsing per-file if it takes
>>> too long (1s?) at runtime? Without needing to change the setting that is.
>> I like the idea.
> Hi Colomban, Thomas,

Hey Lex, everyone,

> I disagree, it is a bad idea to turn off a setting that changes the
> behavior.  The user is likely to be confused by the unexpected change
> in behavior (new symbols no longer in autocompletes, new types not
> being highlighted etc).  Having it automagically turn off is bad.  At
> most, pop up a dialog suggesting turning it off and noting where, but
> only ever once per session.

Hum, right, automagic might not be good, asking the user is always better.

I've got 2 WIP patches, though they might not be appropriate to commit
before release since they add strings... anyway, here they are:

Adds a per-document setting for real-time updates and a menu item in the
Document menu.  There is still a FIXME in it, feel free to give ideas :)

This one adds the check for the updating duration and asks the user.  It
is WIP, and I'm not really convinced by the dialog, as you can read in a
TODO.  Apart that, it seems to work pretty OK.

Both misses docs, up to come when they are ready.

So, I'm soliciting your impressions, opinions, remarks, etc.  Also, is
this whole thing important enough to break string freeze less than a
week before release? (read: to have some strings untranslated)



> Although I have a great idea for an animated paper clip in the bottom
> right corner that can suggest it every couple of seconds ... :)

Hehe, I like the idea... :D

> Colomban is right in trying to evaluate where Nicks problem is first,
> thats far more likely to be productive, this sort of thing is the last
> option not the first.

BTW, after Nick's answer, it looks very weird to me, like if regexes was
rrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaalllllllllyyyyyyy slow on Windows (or
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