[Geany-devel] ChangeLog for Geany: is that useful, for who and how? (was Re: Geany-Plugins: Please check for ChangeLog-entries on commit)

Colomban Wendling lists.ban at xxxxx
Mon Sep 19 16:33:51 UTC 2011

Le 19/09/2011 17:55, Frank Lanitz a écrit :
> Hi, 
> On Mon, 19 Sep 2011 17:45:04 +0200
> Colomban Wendling <lists.ban at herbesfolles.org> wrote:
>> Le 19/09/2011 08:15, Frank Lanitz a écrit :
>>> Hi folks,
>>> Another episode from topic improving plugins by Frank ;)
>>> In last time I saw a lot of changes going in into plugins without
>>> having a ChageLog entry set.
>>> Its not always useful in every case but its a nice thing for users
>>> of trunk and also stable releases to have a middle view between
>>> NEWS-file which is in most cases only a very short compilation of
>>> changes and the very, very verbose svn/git log view. So I'm bagging
>>> you to have in mind updating your ChangeLog and when every updating
>>> po-files or something else inside
>>> geany-plugins/trunk/geany-plugins/po I make it mandatory ;)
>> Oh no, I planned to start (again [1]) a discussion about *removing*
>> ChangeLog committing :D  (OK, I though about Geany itself, not GP)
>> I'll start it right now then, if you don't mind.
> I'm open to start a discussion about ChangeLog for post svn times as
> with correct merging its really not much of a benefit (even there are
> some). 
> BUT: As we are currently on svn and build system for geany-plugins is
> expecting a ChangeLog I disagree to do this discussion for 0.21 release
> of plugins. So discussion is having no impact onto upcoming release :) 

Agreed, I should have made clear I was speaking about post-0.21.  It
would be stupid anyway to change any policy less than one month before a
release IMHO.


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