[Geany-devel] Why Geany doesn't use exactly what is set in "marker_search"?

Jean-Philippe Fleury contact at xxxxx
Fri Sep 9 05:20:23 UTC 2011

Lex Trotman a écrit le 2011-09-09 00:13 :
> The markings used for mark-all searches are applied with hard coded
> alpha of 60 out of 256.

Thanks for your answer.

About "marker_translucency", we can read in the the manual:

> Translucency for the line marker (first argument) and the search marker (second argument). Values between 0 and 256 are accepted.

How "marker_translucency" is applied to search marker if there's already 
a hard coded value? I tried to change values of "marker_translucency", 
but it doesn't seem to change anything.



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