[Geany-devel] [RFC] Geany Plugin Names

Colomban Wendling lists.ban at xxxxx
Sat Oct 29 17:45:24 UTC 2011

Le 29/10/2011 07:41, Matthew Brush a écrit :
> Hi all,
> Is anybody opposed to removing the "geany" and "Geany" prefix from the
> plugins in Geany-Plugins.  I mean at least for the directory name in the
> source tree, README/Site, and PLUGIN_SET_INFO() name?
> It's always bothered me when I go into *Geany's* plugin manager and see
> plugin names like "GeanyFooBar".  Obviously the plugin is for Geany and
> the "Geany" prefix makes the plugin not ordered correctly.  Same goes
> for the SVN/Git repository source tree directory names.

+1 :)

> For example:
> Geany-Zencoding plugin could be "Zencoding" under the directory in the
> repo called "zencoding".
> This is like many plugins already, for example:
> addons, codenav, debugger, devhelp, gproject (sorta :), pretty-printer,
> shiftcolumn, spellcheck, tableconvert, treebrowser, updatechecker,
> webhelper, and xmlsnippets.
> IMO these would be reasonable renames for the others:
> Old Name        Plugin Info Name    Directory
> ========        ================    =========
> GeanyDoc        Documentation?[1]    doc or geanydoc
> GeanyExtrasel        Extra Selections    extrasel
> Geanygdb        GNU Debugger[2]        gdb
> GeanyGenDoc        Documentation Generator    gendoc
> GeanyInsertNum        Insert Numbers[3]    insertnum
> GeanyLatex        LaTeX (Addons)        latex
> GeanyLipsum        Lorem Ipsum Generator    lipsum
> GeanyLua        Lua Plugins        lua

I'd probably better go "Lua Scripts", but that's no big deal anyway.

> GeanyMacro        Macro Recorder        macro
> GeanyNumberedBookmarks    Numbered Bookmarks    numberedbookmarks
> GeanyPg            Privacy Guard        pg or gpg

I'd better see something less technical, like "Encryption & Signing" or
something.  But again, it's just a suggestion.

> GeanyPrj        Project Manager?[4]    prj or project
> GeanySendMail        Send Mail        sendmail
> GeanyVC            Version Control        vc or vcs
> --[coming soon]---------------------------------------------------
> GeanyMultiTerm        Multi-Tabbed Terminal    multiterm
> GeanyPy            Python Plugins        python
> GeanyZencoding        Zen Coding        zencoding

If "Zencoding" is a brand/tool name, I think it's better to not insert a
space but keep the "official" typing.


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