[Geany-devel] Git Switch (again)

Lex Trotman elextr at xxxxx
Mon May 9 22:43:08 UTC 2011

> But the point on the possible future of GitHub is important IMO. if we
> have no guarantee for the long-term viability -- and when I read you I
> read "I'd not be really surprised if it happened" --, do we really want
> to use this? I mean, if we need to switch to another official repo next
> year because GitHub decided not to continue to provide (free) hosting
> for us, it'd not be really good.

Well, that risk exists for any free hosting service, even Sourceforge
could go broke, as Jiri says easy for DVCS, especially if there is an
up to date mirror, hard for bugtracker.

> But yeah, switching to Git doesn't even mean going away from SF (though
> it couldn't be bad :D), they also offers Git repositories. Just no fancy
> around like merge requests, reviews & co.

I didn't think they allowed anyone to create a public clone, I think
that is a required feature to get more involvement, anyone can say
"I'm going to try this..." and the community can see it and provide
guidance and testing.

> I haven't either checked the other sites (Gitorious, ?) deeper, maybe
> they are good candidates if we don't want the BT functionality? don't
> know -- apart that I already have and account on Gitorious and wasn't
> scared by their policy.
>>>> It really wouldn't be hard either, the whole "switch" be done in
>>>> probably 10-15 minutes, maybe 1-2hrs to wait for the history to be
>>>> imported.  There's no real reason it needs to be a big deal either, we
>>>> could test out another project site and keep it the way it currently is
>>>> still with not much extra effort, just someone/somescript needs to push
>>>> to the new project page after committing to SVN.  Basically all it would
>>>> take beyond that is for one of the founders/core members to take some
>>>> time to setup an account and push the code.
>>> Before moving all main commiters should agree (e.g. Nick and Enrico),
>> Enrico doesn't care, you like it, so the one who will have to decide
>> is Nick :-).
> Yep ^^
>>> but I think the creating par would not be the real problem. As discussed
>>> further later in thread the problem is more setting up correct hooks to
>>> keep all repos up to date.
>> But those hooks were meant to be used to have a git mirror on GitHub
>> if there's no VCS switch (mirroring the current git mirror of SVN). I
>> don't see any point in having multiple git mirrors if you switch to
>> git (well, actually everybody's personal clone would be such a
>> mirror).
> I think we shouldn't drop e.g. the git.geany.org mirror if we can keep
> it, so we'd need a hook in the official repo to push to it or whatever.
> Cheers,
> Colomban
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