[Geany-devel] syntax highlighting does not appear

Szabo Zoltan szabozoltan69 at xxxxx
Mon Jan 31 11:23:24 UTC 2011

> I've seen this before. From memory it was the result of mixed up
> libraries. After you compiled geany, did you "make install" it, or are
> you running it from the directory that you built it in? If you
> installed it, did you overwrite your existing copy or did you put it in
> a different location?
I didn't "make install" it, just I run it from the directory that I built
(I use a stable (0.16) Geany (in Ubuntu), so I don't want to change to a
development version.)
If I open my PHP file in the stable Geany, it shows colors.

Thank you, anyway. I try to do a consistent prefix set...

> Although I've encountered this before, annoyingly I don't remember
> exactly what I did to resolve it.
> I wrote this earlier with regard to a different problem, but I had the
> same symptoms.
> "OK. Ignore last... sorry. It looks like I'd managed to end up with a
> set of bizarrely interlinked installations of geany. My new install
> in /usr was referencing files in /usr/local (I removed the old one and
> lost all the syntax highlighting and the fold icons turned into black
> blocks!). I've cleaned off all the installs, done a complete make
> clean; make; make install of geany and I can now build the plugins."
> You might need to do a compile cycle with a consistent prefix set
> throughout.
> Jon
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