[Geany-devel] syntax highlighting does not appear

Jon Senior jon at xxxxx
Mon Jan 31 10:53:47 UTC 2011

On Mon, 31 Jan 2011 11:23:02 +0100
Szabo Zoltan <szabozoltan69 at gmail.com> wrote:

> My plan (in the future) to make geany able to show COBOL files
> nicely, with syntax highlighting.
> So my first steps were: downloading a fresh geany, compiling it and
> just try to open a simple file.
> In this case my example file was a PHP file.
> In "Document/Set filetype/scripting languages" menu I saw that PHP was
> checked, so it recognized it well, but the screen was black-and-white
> (without any colours).
> So at first (before the cobol thing) I would like to make my fresh
> geany able to show syntax highlighting for any file.

I've seen this before. From memory it was the result of mixed up
libraries. After you compiled geany, did you "make install" it, or are
you running it from the directory that you built it in? If you
installed it, did you overwrite your existing copy or did you put it in
a different location?

Although I've encountered this before, annoyingly I don't remember
exactly what I did to resolve it.

I wrote this earlier with regard to a different problem, but I had the
same symptoms.

"OK. Ignore last... sorry. It looks like I'd managed to end up with a
set of bizarrely interlinked installations of geany. My new install
in /usr was referencing files in /usr/local (I removed the old one and
lost all the syntax highlighting and the fold icons turned into black
blocks!). I've cleaned off all the installs, done a complete make
clean; make; make install of geany and I can now build the plugins."

You might need to do a compile cycle with a consistent prefix set


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