[Geany-devel] debugger plugin

Alexander Petukhov Alexander.Petukhov at xxxxx
Mon Jan 10 01:42:12 UTC 2011

2Dimitar - have fixed bug with empty watch list delete button press and
corrected scroll policy.
Also eliminated some bugs, but there are many of them there I suppose,
nobody have tested it yet.
About other comments - preferences is on the way, now figuring out what to put there.
Menu is not a problem but not a primary task for me now, I want to do some bugfixing,
before starting implementing another functions.
About vte, to say the truth,  I'm a total lamer in autotools, i'll check this out soon. 

The name - I realized that this is a little mess - calling plugin so,
but I hardly can imagine another sutable name which hasn't been occupied:
geanydebug, geanydebugger?
If you have any proposals, please write them.

What I wanted to ask is has the plugin to be cross-platform?
I use some posix specific code now, for interrupting GDB,
and probably there will be some work to be done with GDB paths etc.

Best regards,

p.s. sorrry for previous message, accidentally have sent it from another account 
Alexander Petukhov <Alexander.Petukhov at mail.ru>

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