[Geany-devel] junior C developer, interested in learning and helping out with time

Colomban Wendling lists.ban at xxxxx
Fri Dec 16 16:19:20 UTC 2011

Hi and welcome, Sean!

Le 06/12/2011 15:07, Sean Wolfe a écrit :
> Hey there, I'm new to the list, my name is Sean Wolfe and I'm
> interested in learning more about development for Geany. I've got a
> Python background, enjoy coding projects in Django and the python game
> framework Pygame, and also have some C/C++ experience (yay!) and some
> Java as well (ugh...)
> I'm really enthusiastic about Geany's small footprint and simplistic
> design. I personally like to run my Geany completely stripped out, no
> scrollbars, no line numbers, like a text editor.
> I'm working on some projects on Python and Android, and I want to
> improve my C skills. I am thinking learning more about the guts of
> Geany is a good project. Also there are little bits and tweaks I'd
> personally like to change just for my own user experience, so I
> thought I'd hack a bit and see what's what. My longer term goal is to
> really climb the mountain and help out with the SDL project as well,
> which if you're not familiar is a game framework in C which is the
> basis for a lot of interesting games and stuff out there.
> Some of the tweaks I'm interested in personally for Geany include -->
> - adding multiple window support with a drag and drop interface ala Eclipse,
> - learning more about how Geany handles projects
> - for laptop screens where vertical pixels are at a premium, stripping
> out the top menu bar and replacing it with a right-click context
> - again for laptop screens, reducing the size of the title bar (maybe
> this is an OS issue, but Google Chrome seems to be able to do it
> well).
> - color scheme editor ala Code::Blocks or Python's IDLE tool.
> So! I'm in the process of downloading sources, configuring my build
> environment (Windows XP and 7, maybe linux one day) and reading
> documentation like the HACKING file.

That's a great start!  Don't hesitate to ask if you have any question :)

> Just thought I'd say hi ... Thanks!


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