[Geany-devel] junior C developer, interested in learning and helping out with time

Sean Wolfe ether.joe at xxxxx
Tue Dec 6 14:07:19 UTC 2011

Hey there, I'm new to the list, my name is Sean Wolfe and I'm
interested in learning more about development for Geany. I've got a
Python background, enjoy coding projects in Django and the python game
framework Pygame, and also have some C/C++ experience (yay!) and some
Java as well (ugh...)

I'm really enthusiastic about Geany's small footprint and simplistic
design. I personally like to run my Geany completely stripped out, no
scrollbars, no line numbers, like a text editor.

I'm working on some projects on Python and Android, and I want to
improve my C skills. I am thinking learning more about the guts of
Geany is a good project. Also there are little bits and tweaks I'd
personally like to change just for my own user experience, so I
thought I'd hack a bit and see what's what. My longer term goal is to
really climb the mountain and help out with the SDL project as well,
which if you're not familiar is a game framework in C which is the
basis for a lot of interesting games and stuff out there.

Some of the tweaks I'm interested in personally for Geany include -->
- adding multiple window support with a drag and drop interface ala Eclipse,
- learning more about how Geany handles projects
- for laptop screens where vertical pixels are at a premium, stripping
out the top menu bar and replacing it with a right-click context
- again for laptop screens, reducing the size of the title bar (maybe
this is an OS issue, but Google Chrome seems to be able to do it
- color scheme editor ala Code::Blocks or Python's IDLE tool.

So! I'm in the process of downloading sources, configuring my build
environment (Windows XP and 7, maybe linux one day) and reading
documentation like the HACKING file.

Just thought I'd say hi ... Thanks!

A musician must make music, an artist must paint, a poet must write,
if he is to be ultimately at peace with himself.
- Abraham Maslow

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