[Geany-devel] Default search behavior is irritating

Colomban Wendling lists.ban at xxxxx
Sun Dec 4 19:36:41 UTC 2011

Le 04/12/2011 20:21, Nathan Broadbent a écrit :
>> ("close dialog" currently only closes the dialog for "find all" style
>> options)
> This is true. However, if you look at the "Add wrapped search" [1]
> feature request (which is still open), Nick Treleaven
> and Enrico Tröger had a conversation about changing this back in 2009:
> 2009-10-14 05:49:13 ntrel: I suppose we could make the option 'Always
> wrap' and then change the dialog 'close' checkbox to apply to all
> actions. Sound OK Enrico?
> 2009-10-21 10:30:46 eht16: Nick, yes, sounds good.

Hum yeah, you make me remember I saw this the other day.

However I don't agree that "close" should apply to all actions if it's
saved (and it should be saved), because my use-case wouldn't fit:  I
always have the "close" checked, but (almost) never want to close the
dialog when I click "next".

What I think is that keeping the dialog when all results are in the
message panel isn't really useful;  but when searching with the find
dialog I generally use the Next button.

And final use case that wouldn't fit is to "prepare" a complex search
pattern (regex).  I want to try it first to check it actually matches as
I want, and then find all -- well OK, I do this more using replace
dialog than search.

>> Hum, you mean displaying the "wrap search" prefs from the pref dialog in
>> the find dialog too?  Why not, but I'm afraid it'd make the dialog less
>> readable for not much benefit.
> Well, if the "Close dialog" checkbox did apply to all actions, and the
> "wrap search" checkbox was also on the Find dialog, then both of those
> settings wouldn't need to be in Preferences any more.. Because they
> would always be configurable on the Find dialog.
> I'm a bit tired of the debate though, so I'm happy to just apply
> Dimitar's patch and close all of these feature request tickets :)

Well, so let's stop here and be happy with Dimitar's patch :)


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