[Geany-devel] Default Snippets

Lex Trotman elextr at xxxxx
Sun Dec 4 01:47:03 UTC 2011

> First thing when I look at the file: it looks terribly repetitive!
> Maybe something in the style of filetype's sections copying
> ([name=othername]) would help having all this clearer, ending up with
> something like

To be honest Colomban I expected that the various language enthusiasts
would pop up proposals of more tailored versions for each of the
languages.  ie I didn't think they would stay repetitive.

I notice that I only posted to geany-devel, I will send to geany-users
as well, we may get more feedback.

> [C]
> if=...
> else=...
> [C++=C]
> try=...
> [Java=C++]
> [PHP=C++]
> [C#=C++]
> [Javascript=C++]
> ...
> [Python]
> if=...
> else=...
> [HTML]
> table=...
> Needs to be implemented, but a first though make me think it'd make
> easier to have/configure per-filetype snippets.
> What do you think?

*If* the repition is really correct then either this proposal or
Matthews alternate proposal of moving the snippets to the filetype
files is the long term solution.

But if the level of interest is indicated by the responses, then not
many people use these snippets, so maybe it isn't worth the effort of
either approach and just repeat things for now and possibly over time
the definitions will diverge.

>> I'll collate suggestions, patches etc then commit.
> Why keep an empty [Haskell] section?

Again I expected proposals for some proper Haskell ones, but again
looks like no-one uses snippets much.

Of course possibly no-one uses snippets because ATM they are all C.
Certainly they are pretty useless for C++ despite the language
similarities, eg for(;;) is often iterator based in C++ not int i etc.

If we don't get much feedback from the user list I suggest just using
the modified snippets.conf to stop the unwanted interference and not
bothering with the effort to change code that isn't adding much value.


> Cheers,
> Colomban
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