[Geany-devel] GProject - missing Geany patches

Lex Trotman elextr at xxxxx
Thu Apr 28 00:06:12 UTC 2011

> I understand that if your plugin makes use of some file patterns, it
> then makes sense to show them in the FIF dialog. But Geany don't use
> project patterns, and adding such patters to projects seems useless to
> me since their only usage is to show them in the FIF dialog... but IMHO
> they don't make much sense since they don't mean anything more than an
> arbitrary set of patterns stored with the project files (we have pattern
> history, isn't that sufficient here?).
> So maybe there are good reason, but couldn't simply your plugin provide
> the functionality? (though showing them in FIF dialog would probably not
> be possible ATM)

IIRC Jiri's plugin makes *heavy* use of file patterns, so showing them
in FIF is important to giving the user an integrated experience, it
wouldn't be good if the plugin provided another FIF system.

As you say a patch is needed to allow that.  Storing them in the
existing project file was IIIRC a way of getting them to appear in the
recent list for FIF.

>> 2edb068b81cb6d541d667efecd0ec4c346f0df51 Open the file in the
>> msgwindow even if no linenumber is specified
> I'll review this one later (tomorrow if it goes right).
> Cheers,
> Colomban
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