[Geany-devel] VBS syntax definition file

Evgueny Antonoff e.antonoff at xxxxx
Sat Apr 16 03:28:30 UTC 2011

Hello there and please help,
(Geany 0.20 problem)

I have noticed that one of the wishes for Geany is a Visual Basic Script syntax highlight. Since I need it myself, took a brief look at the existing definition files and created one from the Perl file. (please find it attached)

I am using Geany 0.20 for Windows. Closed and re-opened Geany, as well as clicked on reload configuration in the menu. Nothing works.

Problem: Geany won't load my file.

0. In filetype_extensions.conf as last line I added
1. I placed it in the same directory along with all other files
(program files \ geany \ data)
2. Had a .vbs file loaded - no syntax highlights
3. As you can see in my file I have specified compile/run programs
No such were used when I used Compile from the menu
4. No "VisualBasicScript" appears in the Document > Set file type

Can someone help me please. The Geany online doc is not real clear on the case with installing the custom files.

PS: My file is not 100% ready, will need error regex, but I want to fix this issue first.

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