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Lex Trotman elextr at xxxxx
Sat Apr 16 05:50:39 UTC 2011

On 16 April 2011 13:28, Evgueny Antonoff <e.antonoff at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hello there and please help,
> (Geany 0.20 problem)
> I have noticed that one of the wishes for Geany is a Visual Basic Script syntax highlight. Since I need it myself, took a brief look at the existing definition files and created one from the Perl file. (please find it attached)
> I am using Geany 0.20 for Windows. Closed and re-opened Geany, as well as clicked on reload configuration in the menu. Nothing works.
> Problem: Geany won't load my file.
> 0. In filetype_extensions.conf as last line I added
> VisualBasicScript=*.vbs;
> 1. I placed it in the same directory along with all other files
> (program files \ geany \ data)
> 2. Had a .vbs file loaded - no syntax highlights
> 3. As you can see in my file I have specified compile/run programs
> No such were used when I used Compile from the menu
> 4. No "VisualBasicScript" appears in the Document > Set file type
> Can someone help me please. The Geany online doc is not real clear on the case with installing the custom files.
> PS: My file is not 100% ready, will need error regex, but I want to fix this issue first.
> Regards
> Evgueny


Well, on Linux with 0.20 your filetype shows up as "Document > Set
Filetype > Custom Filetypes > VisualBasicScript file" using your edit
to filetype.extensions.conf and your filetypes file so you are ok so

Check Help > Debug Messages to see if an added filetype message
appears for your filetype.

If it doesn't then either you have put the files in the wrong place or
done something different from what you've posted.

Note that you should not put the edited filetypes.extensions.conf or
the filetypes.*.conf files in the system directory, you should put
them in your user config directory.  Look in Help > Debug Messages for
where it is and put them in the filedefs subdirectory.  That way they
won't get clobbered by upgrading Geany.

Now the bad news.

Even if you can get it to show up in the filetypes menu, it won't
highlight a source file since you haven't specified a lexer to parse
the source file, see the Geany help for the gruesome details.  ATM you
can only specify an existing lexer, but there is one for basic


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