[Geany-devel] Plugin problem

WILLIAM FRASER william.fraser at xxxxx
Mon Nov 1 07:33:55 UTC 2010

Hello one and all,

I've written my first plugin for geany. Having been a long time user of
ConTEXT, I've written a plugin that implements numbered bookmarks. I also
made it remember the state of folds in a document and applies them when you
open the document again.

The numbered bookmarks bit is working, but the but that remembers the fold
state has a bug, and I'd be most apreciative if anyone had any ideas. The
problem lies on line 443. For some reason if I get rid of the
dialogs_show_msgbox call then the fold state is not re-applied, and if it is
included then the fold state is re-applied. I can't think of any reason why
this is so. I use messages to help me debug, so I use calls like
dialogs_show_msgbox to tell me what's going on, but It makes the plugin a
pain to use if left in the final code. I have tried using gdb but despite
compiling with the -g or the -ggdb arguments I can't get gdb to use line
numbers of have any idea of the source code, so I can't monitor what's going

I'd be most grateful if anyone can spot what's going on here.

William Fraser
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