[Geany-devel] altername session management implementation

Dimitar Zhekov hamster at xxxxx
Thu May 20 12:33:05 UTC 2010

On Thu, 20 May 2010 21:23:49 +1000
Lex Trotman <elextr at gmail.com> wrote:

> > Aside from that, the standard geany quit is unaltered. It does what it
> > ever did.
> >
> Ok, in Eugenes version only one Geany, the first one run, will save the
> Geany.conf so you know what you will get next time you start a Geany, does
> your version allow all Geanys to save their geany.conf, ie last closed
> "wins"?

Nobody "wins" or "loses". The sm-geany-quit (which is actually broken
into 3 parts, that's how the sm works) does not touch the standard
geany.conf at all, and it remains the way it was before the session
was restarted.

Each geany saves it's own geany-smclientid.conf file only, with it's
own preferences, file list etc. And of course, it reads it's own .conf
file only when started by the SM.

(and when started manually, it performs a normal startup, if that's
what you'll going to ask next :)

> Your session management feature sounds great, lets each instance of Geany
> set the config it wants, but I'm just trying to understand how it works with
> the rest of Geany and when I change what instances are running.

Generally, it works more like "suspend-resume", not like "close all
geany-s and start them again".

The goal is to continue as if your "working session" was never
interrupted. It is the user who should save geany.conf IMO, be it by
using "Edit -> Preferences" or whatever, while the session manager
should just reproduce all running geany-s as closely as possible.

> Oh yes how does your patch work if the X sm libs are not available (eg
> Windows), can we set a symbol to compile without it?

Yes, that's derived from the Eugene's original implementation (#ifdef

E-gards: Jimmy

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