[Geany-devel] About translation of plugin name and description

Colomban Wendling lists.ban at xxxxx
Fri May 14 16:17:36 UTC 2010

> > Hum, more seriously: I already tried (by using direct gettext calls)
> > and yes -- I would say of course -- it works fine. Even better, you
> > succeeded to make me hack Geany in order to implement it directly
> > (see attached patch) and yes again, it works well (and don't need so
> > much code change finally).
> > In practice, I moved geany_functions and geany_data assignation from
> > plugin_init() to plugin_new() for them to be set before the call to
> > plugin_set_info(); and added the PLUGIN_SET_TRANSLATABLE_INFO() macro
> > that calls main_locale_init() before setting the info fileds.
> Awesome.
> That looks fine to me and it works well.
> I didn't expect it to be that easy.
Me neither. Before actually looking at this I guessed it to be a quite
hard piece; but I will not complain that it wasn't true :)

> > -- and haha, I'll use the excuse that I'm not using my regular
> > computer since it is broken for now. Yes I know, it isn't a so good
> > excuse, but who cares? Sorry, back to pointful things.
> Hope things will get back to normal soon for you.
Thank you, and it should be. But as you might see, I now have found a
temporary solution that works pretty well :)

> > Eugene also suggested a way -- he qualified ugly -- to integrate this
> > to the current API, based on checking if LOCALEDIR and
> > GETTEXT_PACKAGE are set. I don't think this is that ugly:
> > * Most plugins with translations probably already use these constants
> > names since they are quite conventional;
> > * If these constants are defined, it is very unlikely the plugin won't
> > setup i18n.
> Your solution seems cleaner to me.
Same for me, but it needs a little (well, really small) work from plugin
authors. But it is probably small enough not to be a problem.

> > And finally, on the thread I see that you (global) say that when the
> > plugin gets loaded, the name and description are translated? I don't
> I think this is true only for plugins shipped with Geany itself as
> those use Geany's gettext domain.
Well… for them, why wouldn't they be translated even before being loaded
then? Still strange to me :/


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